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Hard Wearing Grass Seed - Fast Growing Lawn Grass Seed Mix

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Product description

CH1 Gardening Index Hard-Wearing Grass Seed Mix: Ideal for Active Family Gardens

CH1 Gardening Index Hard-Wearing Grass Seed Mix is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of family gardens.

Whether your garden is a playground for kids, a haven for pets, or simply a place to relax, this grass seed mix ensures a durable, attractive, and easy-to-maintain lawn. 

Below, we've categorised the features and benefits to give you a clear understanding of what makes this product stand out.

Why Choose CH1 UK Hard Wearing Grass Seed Bag?

  • Child and Pet-Friendly: This mix is engineered to withstand the lively activities of children and pets, providing a robust and safe area for play.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of care, requiring less frequent mowing and minimal additional upkeep, ideal for busy households.
  • High-Quality Lawn Appearance: Yields a lush, green turf with a fine texture, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.
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We use a variety of delivery vehicles and haulage firms to complete our deliveries.

If you live in or near Chester, we'll deliver to you ourselves with a HGV crane, if you live elsewhere in the UK we'll use a pallet network who will use a manually operated pallet truck to move the pallet of bag(s) to the kerbside or onto a level, solid surface such as a tarmac drive (not gravel or grass sorry).

Shipping is free to Chester and some North Wales postcodes - outside of this area prices start at £19.95.

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Product Disclaimer


We do not chemically treat our products for weeds. Weeds thrive in warm, wet weather and especially in very fertile soils and composts like our own. Although every care is taken to remove weeds during our screening process we can not guarantee that weed seeds are not present in the soil or compost that you receive. To keep your topsoil organic we suggest pulling up common weeds, when and if they appear, instead of using chemical weed-killers. Or purchase some of our anti-weed prevent membrane and some gravel or mulch, for an easy weed-free garden!

Gravel/Stone Size & Colour

Images are for representation only.  All products that Ch1 Turfing And Landscaping supplies are naturally occurring products and may have slight variations in colour, size and content, individual rocks, stones or cobbles made be broken or misshaped because of this. Sizes of products specified are approximate and can vary.  Naturally occurring products such as slate, natural stone paving or gravel are sourced from quarries and so can often differ in appearance slightly from load to load.

Product reviews

Highlights of CH1 Bags of Hard Wearing Grass Seed:

  • Blend Composition:
  1. 30% Ragtime Dwarf Perennial (Ryegrass) for rapid establishment and toughness.
  2. 25% Herald Strong Creeping Red Fescue for fine texture and shade tolerance.
  3. 15% Carmania Slender Creeping Red Fescue for resilience and fine appearance.
  4. 20% Greenfield Chewings Fescue for drought resistance and fine texture.
  5. 5% Brooklawn Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass for year-round green colour.
  6. 5% Highland Bentgrass for dense sward and fine texture.
  • Rapid Establishment:

 Includes Ragtime Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass for quick germination, leading to faster lawn development.

  • Disease Resistance:

 Selected varieties offer enhanced resistance to common lawn diseases, promoting a healthier garden with less need for chemical treatments.

Specifications of CH1 UK Hard Wearing Grass Seed - Fast Growing Lawn Grass Seed Mix:


Available in 5kg and 10kg bags, with coverage of approximately 70 to 90m² and 140 to 180m² respectively.

Sowing Rate: 

Advised at 35 - 50 grams per m², ensuring optimal density and coverage.

Where to Buy Quality yet Cheap Hard Wearing Grass Seed  Near Me in the UK:

  • CH1 offers you high-quality hard-wearing Grass Seeds bags at affordable prices, quick and convenient shipping to anywhere in the United Kingdom, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Securely packed in durable bags of hard-wearing Grass seeds for easy transportation and storage.
  • The CH1 Gardening Index Hard-Wearing Grass Seed Mix is your go-to solution for creating a resilient, beautiful, and low-maintenance lawn suited for the rigours of family life. 

Whether for play, relaxation, or aesthetic pleasure, this grass seed mix will ensure your garden remains a cherished part of your family home.

Professional Turf Installation Services Available

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Services available in Chester area and all neighbouring areas.



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